around the world

..... in 80 Garments (or so).
We get a lot of positive feedback back from you, dear customers and fans! All over the Globe there are bags, trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets and coats "having a great time".
We know you wear them with a lot of love.
We would love to share this with you and all the other fans. Your city (or mountain view), your time zone, your backyard vegetation, street pavement (or snow) :-)*
Show us how you stroll the streets of Rom in your STOKX Rock, have a great time in the black belt trousers at the burning man festival, drink a beverage (with rum in it) in Miami, while looking great in your Franklin Shirt.
Or - what about how the Männerjacke, your motorbike and a bavarian Weißwurst look together?

We would be thrilled if you would give us a glimpse of the views, your STOKX piece comes to enjoy.

We start here with our dear fan Chester and the "Frank Shirt" in Amsterdam and our dear friend Joy, Paris and a wonderful bright STOKX Bag.
Followed by Jacob, Tali Trouser & the harbour of Aarhus, Denmark and the Rain Coat with Tamara.
New Additions: Burkard and the Tali Trouser, on the top of a mountain in South Tyrol (3068 meters) and the STOKX Bag in Upper State NY. Followed by a Tali Trouser & Wedding Bells in Amsterdam. The last one for now - Hagia Sophia, Istanbul and the black belt Trouser.

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