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Clear Cut Clothing, designed & handmade in Berlin

Stokx clothing explores the limits of both man-made and natural fabrics in the interests of movement and for the benefit of the wearer. 
The Stokx range evolved from Designer Melinda Stokes' healthy dislike of handbags. Recognizing the need to carry things while keeping the hands free lead to an initial range of pockets and then liberating pocket belts worn on the body like clothing and able to hold an abundance of items. 

Today the full compliment of Stokx clothing products includes blouses and shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, aprons, pocket belts, lightweight coats, heavy coats and more. The range is constantly evolving and changing with the introduction of new and improved fabrics for greater versatility and easy care. Many of the garments are bias cut in the back while some are cross cut in the front for enhanced movement. Forget dry cleaning, every garment at Stokx is hand tested for shrinkage and will maintain its size and length even after repeated washings.

Stokx products are designed to be worn loose, tight or fitted. Men’s and women’s shirts are made to be worn loose or tucked in, skirts can be worn on the waist or the hip and some are adjustable for either look. The majority of the men’s range features genius pockets from which nothing can fall out unless you happen to be standing on your head! Pockets are internally reinforced to reduce bulkiness from the outside. All garments are made from 100% cotton, polyamide, Elastane and Cordura fabrics for durability, long life and easy care. The satin weave surface of Polyamide creates a shiny surface for dirt and stain resistance. Fluids just roll off it and can be quickly wiped away. The Polyamide surface is also wear and tear resistant with the shiny outer side for elegance and style and the soft underside worn next to your skin for added comfort. 

Stokx – function, design and beauty in movement. Clothes that suit their purpose for day and for play. Products for this season, next season and for life.